Song of Solomon 8:6-7 Love is as Strong as Death Comments

  • love it

    i read this at a friends wedding this past weekend and it was so beautiful.sounded so sexy too

    Priscilla 2010-11-10

  • Appropriate

    Is Songs of Solomon 8:6 Not an appropriate verse to be inscripted on a wedding band..... the idea of the ring, forever going without an end... the symbol of love to be worn on the left fourth digit of the hand... that Egyptians believed bore the very vein that flows straight to the heart? "set me as a seal" The wedding band, seals two as one in marriage.... "upon thy heart...... as a seal upon thy arm" Extremely appropriate.... Symbolism in love, commitment, eternity.........

    Shawn Nicholes 2009-09-30

  • Loving you is my desire

    It is my greatest joy that God first loved us and want us to love one another. The greatest thing in ones life is to be forever loved and never condemned as Jesus did on the cross for us. Let us do likewise to others.

    Mrs Mbun 2009-03-12

  • The Power of Love

    I pray that I will Love people this way, and I pray to know people who would Love this way also. Love, Joy, and Peace.

    Nehemiah 2009-02-06

  • My life verse for the past 30 yrs

    I read this verse when I was about 14yrs old and now I will be using it in my wedding.

    Debbie 2008-08-27



    DONNA 2008-07-09

  • A Great Verse

    one of my favorite verses! My fiance's wedding band has this verse engraved on the inside, the NIV version is a little easier to understand, but I love how it illustrates the true power and depth of love.

    Sierra 2008-03-12

  • o-my

    i am using this verse during my toast to my husband on feb.29,2008

    ms. salyer 2008-02-24

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