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  • Sir

    The “crying out of names in the night” is not sexual as some snickerly suggest. Rather it refers to a cry for help, whether it be assistance or from a nightmare; when troubled, you call for your partner.

    BigMike 2019-07-15

  • Pagan

    I think these are the most accurate goes I have every been exposed to that are to my heart soul and being. It is exactly my feelings about my significant other as i know he'd say the same! Equal Is one in the same beliefs, interests, pleasures and lifestyles. Love NEVER departs those who know REAL LOVE. Only Dynamics change over time and age but the heart remains devoted to your soulmate for eternity! Thanks for sharing!! I.M.

    GoddessIsis 2018-08-31

  • Ketuba

    We fiance and I have decided to use these vows as the text for our ketuba (Jewish wedding agreement), gorgeous!

    Clara 2018-07-14

  • Ms

    While some may see "the marriage of equals" as modern, they'd be wrong. It refers to brehon law, under which the person who brought the most property into the union wads the one who made the decisions about property. There's a book called ,sex and marriage in ancient Ireland which details the customs of the Irish Celts. Obviously most marriages were likely marriages of equals, and probably the happiest for it

    Gilian 2018-04-14

  • Mrs

    How can I order a copy of this

    Cal Gianlorenzi 2018-03-05

  • In the first line

    Cannon here is obviously a typo for cannot. Should be "You cannot (sometimes spelled can not)possess me for I belong to myself".

    Kitty 2013-07-30

  • I love this

    "The marriage of equals" is a delightful breath of fresh air in the world of "love, honor and obey." Love and honor, yes, obey? Maybe not so much.
    This is a great place for me to start on writing my own.

    Elise 2012-08-28

  • Perfect

    Not getting married anytime soon but I like this one

    Lucinda 2012-05-24

  • wow

    I love how its got kinda a feminist vibe to it, you cannot have me but I will share myself with you, but I'm not sharing my first bite of meat, that's mine

    Amanda 2012-05-12

  • wonderful

    A beautifull blessing that speaks of two people coming togther out of love and equality. One of the more meaningful peices that I have read as celtic desendant of the old ways.

    Raven 2011-07-10

  • explination

    cannon is old Celt slang for can not

    Becca 2011-03-29

  • to Cheryl

    cannon, is like Irish for can not. but together. EX: willna, will not, dunno, do not, so on. the "t" is silent and not written.(i'm not sure how they write the do not,lol)

    Cheyenne 2010-10-22

  • Question

    Cannon = cannot

    Megan 2010-03-27

  • This was our vows to each other

    When we both found this we knew it was the right one. The Catholic priest who married us was very touched to hear these words and made sure the moment was perfect. It was quite funny to mention crying out names aloud in the night.

    Andrew Lindsay 2010-03-22

  • explanation and my few dislikes

    Cannon means can not. It's old english. I don't like the beginning or the end but I do like the middle. The beginning and end just are not romantic. I plan to right my own but may base a few parts off the middle section.

    AzTrix 2010-01-18

  • Used for our ceremony

    We actually used this vow in our wedding ceremony this year. Many of our guest commented on how wonderful it was especially about it being a marriage of equals.

    Amber 2009-06-18

  • beautiful

    that's beautiful

    Ellie 2009-05-27

  • oh my

    I really want the pastor to read the calling out names part.....:)

    kim 2009-03-22

  • Cheryl

    It's Celtic. Cannon- cannot

    Shait 2009-02-21

  • explanation

    A Writting error in the first Line .. What Is " You cannon possess me.

    That should be

    You cannot possess me for I belong to myself

    and in third line

    You cannot command me, for I am a free person

    Robert 2009-02-10

  • beautiful

    written with much meaning and truth.it touched me deeply.very well written.

    tonya 2009-01-13

  • Soul based love

    Beautiful, and meaningful. Being of Celtic descent myself, I honour these vows as they were intended, and see the stark beauty in the words of a proud Celt offering love and companionship to another.

    velvet 2008-09-08

  • very good.

    we are having a christian wedding. and i think it's beautiful to promise such a god honoring thing as crying out my wife's name.

    zack 2008-08-10

  • Celtic Wedding Vows

    I think it is beautiful and is very much in keeping with today's concept of a good relationship in marriage!
    Smart and forward looking people, the Celts!

    Mary Dolores Davies 2007-09-27

  • Explanation

    "Cannon" is a poetic version of "cannot", probably from a point in time when the English language was heavily influenced by French, such as during the Plantagenet monarchies. With "non" being French for "no", can-non becomes - more simply - "can no".

    Shawn 2007-08-28

  • re cannon

    It is not a typo...but-yes it does mean cannot. It's taken from traditional gaelic.

    Kay 2007-08-04



    AMY 2005-09-27

  • Perfect

    I think this is a perfect vow. But this damn bride of mine wants to say it is not. I wish she would get her act together.....

    tom 2005-06-02

  • Explain Re

    It's cannot.

    Torrie 2005-05-27

  • to Cheryl

    Maybe it's a typo - and the word they want is cannot. Possible

    Beth 2005-04-23

  • maybe not for me

    we are having a Christian wedding and i don't think we should mention crying out names aloud in the night. although it would be FUNNY. ha ha!

    Kristy 2005-03-31

  • Wonderful meaning

    I really love this one. The part about not sharing our personal quarrels with others is very meaningful.

    Nancy 2005-03-09

  • explain

    In the first Line .. What Is " You cannon possess me ??? cannon???

    Cheryl 2005-02-21

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