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  • Mr

    Anyone know where I can get this translated into Cherokee? My fiance and I are part Cherokee and we are having a "themed" wedding in Native American foods and music.. our chaplin has agreed to do the wedding in Cherokee if I can find it translated into Cherokee so he can hear it so it can be recited properly.. any assistance is appreciated..

    Carl Brown 2015-11-24

  • I love this prayer

    I really do love this prayer. If I ever get married I am going to recite it to my loved one.

    Sharon 2014-08-28

  • spiritual

    i am part native american and this prayer is beautiful

    michelle 2012-07-16

  • about Frontier Squables

    As a fellow Scott i understand the name Dunbar, i know also why you made such rude comments about the Cherokee culture(untrue by the way, Cherokee only burnt your village if you attacked them first, Cherokee where traders, if you came to trade ? great , if you came to pillage your done for!.
    Funny enough in DUNBAR HISTORY! exist some one who was regarded the same way you seems to voice yourself with disdain and disgust at everything one such "infamous BLACK AGNES (Agnes Dunbar 4rth countess of Moray) was refereed to by people as: That Brawling Boisterous Scottish Wench! Who refused to learn her place!, so when the English army came to take Dunbar Castle, no one would fight for her, BECAUSE OF HER OVERLY OPINIONATED BOISTEROUS VENOMOUS MOUTH, and the castle fell into English control! Sounds Familiar?

    Keep yer feelings under yer throat boy afore they get yer head on a plate, or exiled for being a malcontent!

    John Muir 2012-05-22

  • Frontier Squabbles

    I'm just glad the Cherokee prayer didn't mention how the couples' love and respect grew from mutual hobbies such as massacring the Apaches or burning down the settlers' camp. That would have been awkward. Yours truly, John J Dunbar

    John J Dunbar 2012-02-02

  • native am.

    i'm thinkin great spirit above instead of god in heaven, otherwise right on!!!

    heather 2012-01-08

  • Beautiful Prayer

    I really love this prayer and think it will be perfect for our Ceremony. I do think it's sad that there is so much CRAP in the comment section

    Casey 2010-01-04

  • I love this Prayer

    absolutely gorgeus and powerful.

    Irene 2009-06-26

  • Really nice

    I like how it brings in respect for nature, quite special.

    Melissa 2008-07-11

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