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  • Wife

    So Beautiful

    Barbara Mullis 2018-07-28

  • We were created in the image of the most perfect...given a choice to choose between righteousness and love or honor or cherish or not to and for the rest of our days i choose to love you with the righteousness of a man who knows that your worth far more exceeds any material value that can be found on this earth and within it's sea's. My love for you has been constant throughout my time on this earth..i vow to love u...and be your man and best friend even when it hurts...i vow to let God lead us and protect what is sacred...our love and understanding for each other will only

    Davansha sessions 2016-10-08

  • ok

    love you

    pat dion 2016-06-02

  • pat dion

    love you

    moriah coleman 2016-05-16

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