I give you all I am

________, with free and unconstrained soul,
I give you all I am and all I am to become.
Take this ring, and with it my promise of faith, patience, and love, for the rest of my life.


  • My Promise 2 You

    Love will lead you back .Ephesians 5:2

    Monica Denise 2018-09-03

  • My Promise 2 You

    As i was reading this I was in awe and how much love came to me I am very poetic and and very affectionate when it comes down to Love. I pray that one day I will come back here to let you know how wonderful this turned out to be. Promises are forever and Im still learning how to be faithful again. Im single and that is where I am at in life right now Love takes Time and especially if i want it to be right all in order i mean.

    Monica Denise 2018-09-03

  • I give you all I am

    this works great with the wedding vow variant 6 also added candle ceremony with children, but did sand instead of candles(have toddler flame not good idea)

    darlene 2013-07-12

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