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  • Hmmm...

    I've got to agree with Alexis on the line "I'm not part of it" feeling not quite right -- while it's important to not assume a person can understand and be a part of another person's culture (and upbringing), I see no need to mention it like that here, in the exchange of vows. I'd like to echo Jaimie's comment that "but it is not mine," seems to fit the situation better, and still acknowledges that one of these people getting married is not trying to co-opt another person's culture.

    Janey 2015-04-26

  • I am white

    I am white and my wife full blown Mexican.

    Jefferson Poland 2015-04-21

  • Its Great

    I love the way the words speak but i would change the " I'm not part of it." Its not mine but its ours together.

    Kymberly 2012-06-18

  • i dont like it

    Sounds to me like a breakup ;/

    paulette 2012-03-26

  • Great

    I find this great, except for the "I'm not part of it" phrase. It knocks out idea of bridges inherent in this vow, therefore, demolishing the whole spirit of it! I would say, "and it is partly mine" - because in accepting your partner, an interaction or process of adoption or meeting point has taken place.

    Millie 2011-08-06

  • Wonderful

    I love it for myself and my husband to be. The biggest difference that I would like to change is "but I am not a part of it" to "but it is not mine."
    It still shows that we have a different background, but still have the same future.

    Jaimie 2011-05-01

  • Great direction

    With the right personalization, it is great! I would skip the part about respect, but I like the part about living in different worlds as children, good for a toast, as well!

    Natalia 2010-08-08

  • Decent idea

    The idea is good, the wording not as great... better?

    Our marriage is a new creation, founded on the respect and admiration we have for each other's background and traditions. I promise to always respect your values, heritage, and individuality that has made you the person I fell in love with.

    Kat 2010-07-25

  • its perfect...

    it's perfect. that's exactly what comes from the heart and willing to accept your partner and his family.

    josey 2009-10-10

  • Hate it

    Nothing about it inspires me. It's not heart felt, warm or passionate. Just very clinical & dull.

    Claire 2009-09-09

  • respect

    i think it needs more respect

    amanda 2008-01-04

  • respect

    i think he is so in love he is willing to back her up anyway

    amanda 2008-01-04

  • Has potential Not too intimate

    The last two sentences sound upbeat and inspiring, although you trip a bit on the very last words. The "but I am not a part of it" in the beginning creates a psychological rift.
    The overall effect,to me is that it is an instructional,defining boundaries for any relatives who are skeptical of the union. With a litte fine tuning it could fly.

    CDaye 2007-11-26

  • It would be sad to hear this at a wedding

    Get rid of the word "but". It's a celebration, not a differentiation.

    Miguel 2007-07-25


    riiiight. If that's as good as you can come up with, you must not care much.

    Rob 2007-06-05

  • it sucked

    saying that you are not a part of something and then getting married is contradicting yourself and well...i dont see this marriage lasting long...sorry hun..

    courtney 2007-04-04

  • just one thing

    It is very nice, just the part about " I am not a part of it" seems a little distasteful.

    sara 2007-03-01

  • okay

    It's okay just the "I'm not part of it" line doesn't sit well with me.

    Alexis 2007-01-16

  • It is respectable

    These vows are being repectable of two different cultures and not insulting each other of their differences.

    Colette 2006-12-21

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