Away From You

Away from you there is no music,
There is no sunlight,
The world is gray.
Away from you
The clocks are frozen,
And time's a traveler
Who's lost his way.

I'm half alive
Until the moment
The door swings open
and you walk through,
Now my soul is afloat
On a melody of music
That I could feel such joy
I never knew.
And so you see
Why I can never be
Away from you.


  • away from you

    who wrote that poem away from you

    lizzy widdoes 2017-08-08

  • Away From You

    I love this poem and its very true.

    Quin 2013-01-30

  • away from you

    This poem is from God Himself,what it says is true n He created life to be like that when our loved ones are away

    xolani 2012-03-15

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