I'll Wait For You

We said we’d walk togeter, baby come what may
That come the twilight should we lose our way
If as we’re walking a hand should slip free
I’ll wait for you
And if I should fall behind
Wait for me. We swore we’d travel, darlin’ side by side
We’d help each other stay in stride
But each other’s steps fall so differently
But I’ll wait for you
And if I should fall behind
Wait for me. Now everyone dreams of love lasting and true
But you and I know what this world can do
So let’s make our steps clear that the other may see
And I’ll wait for you.
If I should fall behind, wait for me.
Now there’s a beautiful river in the valley ahead,
There ‘neath the oak’s bough soon we will be wed
Should we lose each other in the shadow of the evening trees
I’ll wait for you.
And should I fall behind,wait for me.
Darlin’ I’ll wait for you.
Should I fall behind, wait for me.


  • romantic

    I realy enoyed this poem all the way and would present it to my fiance

    deborah martins 2013-07-09

  • missing her

    wow.what a nice poem..i like it.i'll wait for my true love, Melyn.i want her to know how much i love her.she's my everything.she is my only one.

    lester 2012-01-27

  • i wait

    this is exactly tells of how i love her and am waiting for her just i hope she find her way back to me or that i may find the way to her for she is lost and we must find each other my God bring us back together

    pnmnb 2009-10-30

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