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  • remembrances

    My Dad died before my boyfriend and I became engaged. This poem is perfect for the remembrances portion of our wedding program.

    k doblie 2013-09-05

  • So True

    I loved it its sooo true! AMAZING

    Milly 2013-06-05

  • lovely

    It means everything to a girl

    brad 2013-05-06

  • Like It

    Very sweet! Would be great for a beach or lakeside wedding!

    L is in love 2012-08-30

  • Perfect

    So little words can be so big in the heart

    Lisa 2012-06-28

  • my thought

    i love this poem it is sweet

    lashaundabrownridge 2012-04-11

  • missing you

    This poem has touched my heart, see i have afriend that
    is incarcerated and he has a smile that only god could have gave him. He found me in a dark place and held my hand through it. May god and peace be with him

    Lady J 2012-04-04

  • Sweet

    I love this poem!!

    Lanina 2012-02-18

  • Here is one I wrote

    Thoughts of You
    Thoughts of You
    A smile of pure happiness
    Hair Golden as the sun
    Eyes mimic the sky blue
    Thoughts of You
    A heart of lasting love
    A touch as gentle as can be
    A caring wife & caring mother
    Thoughts of You
    A best friend by my side
    No one can deny
    How your beauty shines
    Thoughts of You
    20 years it has been
    Since the day we both said
    I DO
    Thoughts of You
    And every day since
    And every day forth
    I will always cherish my
    Thoughts of you

    Divine 2011-07-24

  • Sweet

    Its something I would tell my husband. Its very sweet and romantic

    Dahlia 2011-04-16

  • Beautiful

    A very nice thing to say to someone

    Laura 2010-11-10

  • love it

    thats jus so cute love it

    Dee 2010-04-28

  • i love it

    i think its cute!!

    kayla 2009-03-25

  • sweet

    its real sweet and short and catchy

    Emma 2007-06-20

  • word left out

    beautiful poem! But you should add the word (the) between in and sky on the first line.

    Roslyn Dougall 2007-04-14

  • sweet

    This poem is sweet and simple,it's perfect when you do not know what to say but know in your heart you have to say something

    tam 2007-02-27

  • Adorable

    just what i would love to say

    amanda lang 2006-12-12

  • Correction

    The last word of line 2 should be 'away'

    Anon. 2005-07-05

  • i like it

    it's so sweet

    ashley detiveaux 2005-04-19

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