In Awe of a Wish

As I peer into the evening sky
The stars dancing to a silent medley
As if they have staged each repeated flicker
One lonely star escapes from its cluster
And I hurriedly close my eyes to whisper my wish
"I wish I may" "I wish I might"
"Have a wish come true tonight"
"There is this man, that is so dear"
"The wish I share is to have him near"
A moment of silence comes over me
As I place my destiny in the fate of this luminary wonder
All I can do now is patiently wait
Hoping that my wish is the chosen one to come true
I gather my thoughts as I sit solemnly
In a cushioned chair chilled from the evening breeze
Dreaming of how it will be, when we are inches apart
"Is he thinking of me to?" I reflect to myself
Perhaps he has made a wish on the same falling star
Suddenly I realize! My wish has already been answered
For the presence of him surrounds me
With a sigh of a deep cleansing breath. I smile!
"He is near to me" "He is in my heart"

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