A dream and a prayer

I love you. Today is a very special day.
Long ago you were just a dream and a prayer.
Thank you for being what you are to me.
With our future as bright as the promises of God,
I will care for you, honor and protect you.
I lay down my life for you my friend and my love.


  • Author: adaap

    Perfect love is A Dream and a Prayer. The same perfect love drives out fear. Nothing happens unless first a dream. We dream and pray for perfect love without end.

    Frederick L Sanders 2022-02-13


    Poem-ish or not, these vows are exactly what I feel about and for the love of my life whom I will marry in just 11 more days :D

    Regina 2016-07-31

  • Good

    This one is great, Its a bit too much like a poem though

    Matila 2014-07-30

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