A lifetime of eternal, immeasurable love Comments

  • Helpful and inspirational

    I liked it. Reading this simple vow opened my writers cramp and help me flow together my chicken scratch that I had put together on paper. I understood that I was overthinking my own vows.... writing a book. lol
    I compiled into a half page the meaning of this day, for our mixed families coming together.

    Jake 2016-05-13

  • 8 yrs later

    clearly no one comminted in a looong time and times HAVE changed
    this is clearly the site to go to even if you are TRUUUULLLLLLY in LOVE with someone it just isnt in you to put it into words and someone else even if it is un measurable love can come close to the way you feel this than getting your vows of the internet isnt that big a deal ! so tell me why is my husband so on my back abot getting my vows of the net???

    carrie 2013-06-26

  • Meaningful and direct

    This has a lot of power, so to speak, if said by the right person during the period in which husband/wife say. My fiance and I are planning our wedding and I saw this and for some oddball reason I could see my fiance saying that to me. I feel I have found my soul mate. That was direct and had lots of meaning really enjoyed it.

    Mandy 2013-04-03

  • Short and sweet

    It's short and sweet and very direct.

    Quin 2013-01-30

  • unique

    Very unique. had to think twice about it, but i thought it is very sweet

    Bethany 2012-12-26

  • Oh Please

    Marriage is a testament to the stupidly of man. Your mind is obviously cloudy by lust. You're fooling yourself by thinking that you'll never meet someone else. If the other cheats on you, you'll most certainly leave. Love ends, as all things do. Sell crazy someplace else; we're all stocked up here.

    Reality 2012-11-28

  • Love it

    Wow thinking I myt use this on my wedding day its so lovely

    Amanda 2012-06-24

  • Beautiful

    i may be 14 but this sounds so beautiful 2 me i thin ill use this when im older i cant wait ^v^

    Vnessa 2012-06-06

  • meh

    its nice, but a little corny, not something i would say.

    Sookie 2012-04-16

  • love it

    Its straight to da point & its tellin how is i think its great!

    jessica 2012-03-17

  • simplicity is key

    Parargraphs mean nothing to just a few true words

    rachel 2012-02-14

  • beautiful

    this is outstanding simply beautiful and i love it i will consider these vows as a part of my wedding ceremony

    yes 2012-01-25

  • simple indeed

    it is not as romantic as some...
    but neither are my (H2B)or I

    nessa 2012-01-12

  • powerful

    i really really love this one.

    Danae 2011-08-06

  • soso

    Not strong enough for me, but it's lovely for some people.

    Tianna 2011-06-20

  • Fail

    A lifetime of eternal, immeasurable love? A lifetime is not eternal, that doesn't make any sense.

    Anonymous 2011-05-03

  • calming and to the point

    i really like that the first line eases those over welming feelings,and melts with joy at the end.

    dianna 2011-03-20

  • simple

    i think it's beautiful ans simple. which is what love should be with the one you spend your life with

    adrian 2010-06-02

  • Aww...

    I'm definately going to use this in my wedding. Thanks!

    Aleta 2010-04-23

  • Heart-to-Heart

    How can you judge negatively what came from one heart to another?

    Aroura 2010-03-30

  • Cute

    I think I am going to say this to my fiance Chris. Its not all complicated and filled with huge words but its heartfelt. Glad it's posted.

    Elizabeth 2010-02-09

  • Cute

    This is cute but not wonderful. It's perfect to fit a love that's just love but not a love that's powerful for eternity.

    Kace 2010-01-18

  • Romantic

    It's very honest & lovely.

    Melissa 2010-01-07

  • I LOVE IT.


    aleshia 2009-05-12

  • S.B.S

    Short but sweet, and sincere!

    Sean 2008-09-18

  • not for me

    Not for me...I've definately heard much nicer vows

    shell 2008-07-27

  • brought a tear to my eye

    It's clear, true and simple

    stacy 2008-07-01

  • Strong and clear

    Strong and very clear, No confusion.

    Tumi 2008-06-06

  • Fantastic

    This brought tears to my eyes its lovely

    Leeann 2008-06-05

  • not exactly

    It was good up until the spend a "lifetime" of eternal immeasurable love part- no lifetime is eternal
    except in spirit. leave out the word lifetime and its fine though.

    moppet 2008-05-29

  • Beautiful

    Well, it is the first one that i have read, but it did bring a tear to me eye. Its simple, but mentions everything that i would want to express in my wedding vows.

    Emily 2008-03-11

  • Very Nice

    So far the only one I have even considered using for my wedding. I love the simplicity

    April 2008-01-22

  • WoW

    This is a great wedding vow! Who ever wrote it deserves a pat on the back

    Barathan 2008-01-11

  • its good

    i like it and i might use it

    lydia 2007-10-13

  • Bossy

    This sounds like an order not a vow.

    Tena 2007-08-12

  • Rich

    This vowel is verry rich in sweet nothings its sweet and straight to the point I like it

    David 2007-07-26

  • Good

    It hasn't made me all teary but it's straightforward and honest.

    Zelda 2007-05-18

  • so true

    this is lovely, so honest and true.

    canela 2007-04-30

  • perfect

    I would use these at our wedding.
    They fit us.

    Kim 2006-08-22

  • beautiful

    very simple and heartfelt. its beautiful

    angela 2005-09-01

  • Simple but Powerful

    It's exactly that given my circumstance.

    Lori 2005-06-24

  • Great

    It's clear, true, and honest. Whoever said it's not the best is on crack.

    Samantha 2005-06-05

  • soso

    Its not the best that i have heard

    Georgina 2004-12-24

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