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  • Sandra White House and Senate majority I want me to

    How can I help you sandra Thank U R N my life Make sure that you are thinking about the

    Sandra White House and Senate are you sorry I am going to take a break be back after pm on Friday your health and.happiness id 2020-11-12

  • Ms

    Very very Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    Lindha Gerling 2020-08-11

  • potat

    I like potatoes can I marry one?

    poatos 2019-06-27

  • My true love

    My true love, I want you to be by my side always, when we go to bed, when we awake, all day everyday. When I'm at work, your still beside me, you never leave me. When I'm asleep your I'm my dreams always. There's no place on Earth I'd rather be than in your arms

    Rickyb 2019-06-02

  • Born-Again Christian

    I dedicate these vows to the Man of My Life,,,,,,,My Soulmate,,,,,,,My All! Only God knows who you are,,,,,,,at this time!!! Soon We Both will know!!! Amen

    Sharyn Matava 2018-07-22

  • Me

    I do me

    Me 2017-02-17

  • Wife

    I hope you enjoy this vow as I thought about you and our marriage. I love you so very much and can't wait to spend many more anniversaries with you. You are my life, best friend and a wonderful father to our son! Happy 10th Anniversary baby...

    Kim Cartee 2016-10-20

  • Reverend

    This is very nice, sweet and I like the reference to Grey's Anatomy!

    DJ Bowers 2016-07-02

  • Officiant

    I do weddings

    Joby 2016-04-11

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