Aloha Hawaiian Vows

Minister: Aloha to ________ and ________ and to our guests. Aloha truly is the perfect word to describe a wedding as aloha means hello, good-bye and with love and that is exactly what you are doing here today. You are saying aloha to your single lives forever. You are saying aloha to your married life to one another and you are doing it with love. So I bid the two of you Aloha.

In ancient Hawaii, there was not a traditional wedding ceremony as we think of today. Even the courtship of a couple was different. In ancient Hawaii if a man wanted to court a woman, he would present her with a flower (minister gives a flower to the groom) If she accepted the flower and placed it over her left ear above her heart, then that would symbolize that this woman is spoken for. However, if the woman placed the flower above her right ear, then that you symbolize the she is seeking to find love and still available. So at this time, I ask that ________ present ________ with this flower. If you accept this flower then place it above your left ear just over your heart. If you do not accept this, then place it over your right ear. Bride places flower over the left ear.

Aloha! You have now let everyone know that the two of you are in love.

In traditional Hawaii, the sacred Kuki nut lei was reserved for those people who were held highly within the community. The kukui nut lei was reserved only for royalty, tribal high archy and those most loved within your community. The kukui nut lei, like your love, will never die or fade or tarnish unless you don't take care of it. At this time, If you feel that your ________ is worthy of your highest love, then honor them by doning them with the sacred kukui nut lei. (Bride and groom exchange lei's)Aloha! In ancient Hawaii the two of you would now be wed. So I bid the two of you Aloha! Farewell to your single life, Welcome you into married life and may you always do so with love. Aloha ________ and ________.

Times have changes and with that, so has the ceremonial marriage. So at this time, in honor of your custom and religion, I would like to exchange traditional wedding vows.....etc....At this point, the ceremony goes into a brief set of tradtional vows and exchanging of the rings.

At the end, the minister closes with Aloha!

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