Fire and Ice

There is Fire, and there is Ice.

Fire is a warm thing; warm like your love. Warm times we will share. Warm; comfortable, relaxing and satisfying.

Fire is a hot thing; hot like the times we will have when we disagree, but when we do, i promise to say I am sorry and come back to the way things were.

Fire is red, the color of Love, which brought us here. I promise to be like fire.

Ice is a chilly thing: a thing that will make me cling to you when times are tough. I must cling to you to stay warm. In the Ice, we will need each other, and i promise to be there for you through the ice.

Ice is a cold thing; like the bitterness that may come, but I pray it won't, but when it does come, i promise to say i am sorry for not forgiving.

For everything in our relationship starts with fire and ice, so i promise here before everyone, and God Himself, that i will stay with you through the fire and through the ice until the day we die.

By Shelton-Lei Smith

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