My Promise

My Dear ________,

My best friend, I know that God united us with the purpose that we belong together.

I promise to never take one second with you for granted. I will grow with you, believe in you, and be faithful to you, heart, body, mind and soul.

I promise to laugh with you during good times and lift you up during hard times. From this day forward you will never face the joys and trials of life alone.

I promise to always listen to the words you speak, and listen even harder for the ones that you don't.

I promise to take care of our love, as it is once in a lifetime.

May we never forget the first time our eyes met, the first time we said I love you, and how we feel at this very moment.

I will love you all days of my life and as I have given you my hand to hold, I give you my life to keep.

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  • chills

    beautiful meaningful vows. Gave me goosebumps!!

    Lane 2018-03-24

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