All I want and Have to Say

Low and behold, the day of our union has arrived.
It is one thing to talk, and one thing to promise;
It is one thing to imagine, and one thing to feel.
It is one thing to experience, and one thing to savor.
This day is one thing, the rest of our lives is another.

Words can be beautiful, but it is actions that are meaningful.
Memories can be relished, but new ones have to be made.
The past is important, but it is to the future our lives lay.
We speak volumes in all days but this beloved wedding day.

Before us are those who know us well beyond our name.
So it is with all meaning and sincerity;
Before them, all I want and have to say,
Is I will love you.


  • that vow does not do it for me

    this wedding vow is horrible in that it does not state what you'r promising yo friend, it just states how lucky they are, or he is to have found himself for that day. he just feels lucky and not promising anything to his wife

    priscilla 2013-12-01

  • It was great

    I really like this one for it says all that needs to be said for loving another.

    grammiearies 2013-10-20

  • All I want and have to say

    Beautiful Poem...loved it.

    Sharrie 2013-06-08

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