Bright Shining Star

________, my dolly, I have been looking for you for a long time. Before I met you I felt like I was traveling around in the dark. And then you...a bright shining star that made me see again and brought me back to life. I have not left your side since and I can promise I never will.

On this day I vow always to stay true to you and always work things out even when we fuss and fight. I will take care of you in sickness and always have your back. And ________ I will trust in you and will always know you have my best interest in your heart. A heart that is full and rich with love, generosity, and caring beyond all the universe. You are the most beautiful person inside and out and I am the lucky one because you have already given me everything I have ever wanted... I love you.


  • Perfect

    My fiancee and I had lost each other for 25 years. Always searching for the other...she finally found me July 2020 and we are getting married on 10/16/2021.

    Susie 2020-11-22

  • Shine Bright, sparkle and follow the Sunshine.

    Inspired, Superhero who is always SHINING BRIGHTLY!!!!!!

    WO-MAN LifeLinks 2018-04-06

  • perfect

    This is beautiful, im getting married in September and was looking for ideas. I came across this and it's perfect for what I wanted to say. X

    Kellie 2013-06-26

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