Bright Shining Star

________, my dolly, I have been looking for you for a long time. Before I met you I felt like I was traveling around in the dark. And then you...a bright shining star that made me see again and brought me back to life. I have not left your side since and I can promise I never will.

On this day I vow always to stay true to you and always work things out even when we fuss and fight. I will take care of you in sickness and always have your back. And ________ I will trust in you and will always know you have my best interest in your heart. A heart that is full and rich with love, generosity, and caring beyond all the universe. You are the most beautiful person inside and out and I am the lucky one because you have already given me everything I have ever wanted... I love you.


  • Shine Bright, sparkle and follow the Sunshine.

    Inspired, Superhero who is always SHINING BRIGHTLY!!!!!!

    WO-MAN LifeLinks 2018-04-06

  • perfect

    This is beautiful, im getting married in September and was looking for ideas. I came across this and it's perfect for what I wanted to say. X

    Kellie 2013-06-26

  • Wow

    I can just see my darling saying these words to me on our special day! Without the "dolly" part of course. Hmmmm hope this gives my honey inspiration as he is the most shyest guy i know.

    Melissa 2013-06-17

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