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  • Friend

    This is so perfect for me since I asked my Fiancee in the beginning for us to be friends.I Love this so much.

    Pamela 2015-05-05

  • love and friend

    We are friends but i want him to be my forever

    Sean 2013-12-21

  • A sweet melody to the one you love.

    I'm not looking any more. I FOUND IT!!!!!

    Rosy 2013-05-05

  • special

    i am so happy to be marrying the special lady in my life and my best friend

    harold 2013-01-03

  • Loving him so much

    it's touching & lovely

    Stella Samuelz 2012-09-04



    Lisa 2012-08-25

  • sincere

    so far this is the best one for me to my life partner.
    It will be my 2nd marriage. The words fit perfectly.

    amanda 2012-07-28

  • Wonderful

    from being speechless, i truly believe with my mouth saying those words to her with a meaning, they will really make each day of her life fun

    Lise 2012-07-03

  • Needs something

    Its way too simple if my husband had said anything like this it wolud have been way way way over sorry kids but not enough detail to say or proove love.'............ Have fun kids

    Kerrie 2012-06-11

  • omg so great

    brief but meaningful...awesomeeee...

    b-rock 2012-05-26

  • ohhh wow it great

    i was thinking before if i could personalize my own wedding vows...but absolutely this is great i will and i have to do it....thanks!!

    Brookshields 2012-05-26

  • Great

    This is the best that touches my heart

    Cos 2012-04-10

  • love

    Love Is The Base Of Life.

    mohan 2012-03-06

  • Beautiful

    I found it really heart warming.

    Tiara 2012-02-18

  • just beauitfull

    this is how allan and i feel bout each other .........just beauitfull

    lorainne raffills 2012-01-18

  • just beauitfull

    this is just so, how we feel about each other

    allan and lorainne 2012-01-18

  • very lovely

    dis is so so lovely. Cnt wait to use it for my day.

    kadosh Hyella 2012-01-05

  • Wow

    that just about sums up in a few line the true meaning to a marrage such a good set of vows fjust what i was looking for

    Johnny 2011-12-06

  • amazing

    This is just so beautiful I love it its truelly sweet

    thembi and sabelo 2011-11-25

  • love and friend

    it was lovely and made me feel warm in my heart im going to use tins one :)

    bill 2011-09-27

  • Love

    I cried when i read this and on my wedding day he cried on our wedding day when i said this then said i was pregnant

    Rachel 2011-09-24

  • Lover and friend

    If i were to add anything more to these vows, i would really spoil the msg. Perfect!

    Ann 2011-09-17

  • its very sweet

    It makes u feel special n loving oh its soo special I jst loved it.

    maurishan naidoo 2011-08-25

  • Awesome.

    its simple yet says it all

    Meghan 2011-08-19

  • special

    If I get the chance to say my vows then I would def use something along these lines!

    Kesha 2011-06-19

  • Nice

    Nice job really heart warming I love how it just joins xxx beatuiful when I get married this is what I'm gonna say " 3 words from the bottom of my heart I LOVE YOU

    Tegan 2011-06-15

  • cute

    its cute may add it into my own vows

    tom 2011-03-29

  • Eloquent

    Very lovely

    Me 2011-03-23

  • love and friend

    This is a wounderful sumarization of my fiance and me. We are each others best friends as well as eachothers soul mates.

    Michael 2011-03-06

  • wow

    short but wonderful everything you would need to say

    kristy 2010-11-11

  • ---

    awww!!! so sweet! :D

    trisha 2010-10-28

  • Perfect

    This is it... couldnt have put it better myself!

    Georgina 2010-09-22

  • very lovely

    this really is very lovely is a tad old fashioned. beautifully phrased

    chrissy 2010-08-10

  • WOnderful

    It is touching and honest

    Jen 2010-08-05

  • Love and friend

    This is really mushy

    Ruth-Ann 2010-05-04

  • my words exactly

    this is what i wanted to say. im not good at expressing something and this helps out alot.

    jesse 2010-04-02

  • Touching...

    Really is!

    Ale 2010-03-29

  • sincere and to the point

    this is something along the lines of exactly what i wanted to say to my fiance!

    jessica 2010-03-29

  • so tru

    this is wat i want to use but i will put my own touch to it but i this its what i think i will be useing when i get to my day soon but i have to hide it from him i dont want him to c what im useing lol

    bubba m 2010-03-16

  • yeahah

    i think that was beautiful i now have an erection

    The BdizZle 2010-03-08

  • Parker

    I thought this was perfect.may use it for my own wedding!

    Chloe 2009-12-16

  • stright and simple

    i love it ...i love it...i love it.Thanks

    paris and ramelleo 2009-11-19

  • Wow

    i"ve been searching for months the right words to say to daniel and these seem like the exact right ones. thank you for the help. I've needed it i get married in two days and my vows were the only thing i needed.

    Mr. and Mrs. Phillips 2009-11-04

  • I love him

    I love him more than i have ever loved anyone in this world besides my family. He makes me feel at rest and hole. He completes me more than amyone thinks . I love him and hes the love of my life. Forever od us part we sha'll be together as one

    Samantha 2009-10-20

  • impressive

    its simple yet very appealing.

    mae 2009-09-23

  • lover and friend

    i think we can have mates buh love em aswelll lol it is really sweet . xxxxxxx

    hannah 2009-09-22

  • it is beautiful

    very touching, love the lines, thinking of saying it at my wedding.........

    Missy 2009-09-12

  • My wedding vow.

    I [name], take you [name] to be my husband/wife. No one in my heart that you will be a faithful friend, a true loving companion. And we start our life together I make these promises. I will love you completely..always be honest and truthful to you. I will comfort you through the hard times. And rejoice with you from the good. I will encourage you, laugh and cry with you. And share my very life with you. No matter what comes to our way. I was driving God's power and strength. To live with your love and devotion. I'll keep these promises and long as I live.

    Rayne 2009-09-09

  • marriage should be a serious union

    As for Barry, hopefully one day you can think with your head & not your crotch. Your comment was very tacky!!!

    shelley 2009-06-22

  • nearly what im going to say

    perfect though

    katherine 2009-05-21

  • wow

    Very nice, i would like to thank who ever wrote this for inspiring me.

    Jimmy Neylon 2009-05-07

  • brilliant

    just perfect with out boring people to much

    sami 2009-05-01

  • my gosh its touchin

    this is exactly how i feel about my better half

    kathy 2009-03-12

  • So Sweet

    That is exactly how i feel about my partner. Were getting married in August and i really cant wait. A Verse like that makes me realise ow much i do love him x

    Sophie 2009-02-17

  • Like it

    I like how simple and perfect it is.

    Rachel 2009-02-10

  • like us

    we wish there was another set, so we dont have to say the same thing to eachother. for we are deepy in love. jk

    Cassidy and Shaihla 2009-02-01

  • Not so great

    So mundane...not very touching at

    Alex 2009-01-15

  • Wow

    Wow I Like This, It Touched me.

    Kate 2008-10-10

  • lover for life

    I love this, the words express my feelings towards my future husband. It's really great.

    warneka 2008-07-24

  • sweet

    really touching it really comes close to what i had wanted to say to my fiance

    wandile sandra 2008-07-01

  • Beautiful

    My fiance and I started as friends, and continue in life as lovers.

    Lari 2008-05-12

  • hott

    its possible! and its a great thing 2 have 2 in one

    milena 2008-04-08

  • Awsome

    Same vows I had for my husband and it was so wonderful!

    Nancy 2008-04-07

  • from the internet

    it's nice but doesn't sound really personal...

    George 2008-03-25

  • Perfect

    This is the perfect addition to my wedding scrapbook page. thank you so much.

    Rachel 2008-03-17

  • Sweet

    This is so sweet. I'm about to renew my vows and you really can be in love and a friend at once.

    Vetta 2008-03-04

  • love

    that was beautiful it touched our hearts in every way possible. i love u guys thanks xxxxxxx

    sexy boys 2008-03-04

  • intermixed

    used this one as a base for creating my own. Thanks

    Matt 2008-02-06



    Caroline 2007-09-25

  • He was right

    He found this one and showed it to me. I made him look at like 50 more till he gave up. Then I re-read it, its perfect. My first lesson in letting him lead.

    the heatherz 2007-08-24

  • awesome

    I absolutely love this is exatly how i feel about my fiance!!! It got me really excited about my big day in Septemer!!!!

    Ashley 2007-07-30

  • its beautiful

    this is trully beautiful & its sumthing i would say to my future husband!!!

    arabia.r.s 2007-06-26

  • Beautiful wording

    yes im only young but i want to write my own vowls wen im older, so your "friend & Lover" really helped me alot.
    Thank You. XoXo

    Crystal and Gary 2007-06-18

  • awsome

    this is a wonderful way to deliver the feeling

    amanda stines 2007-05-22

  • wow

    this is so beautiful

    nicolette 2007-05-22

  • Wedding vow

    I am looking for some wedding vow for a nice petty wedding.

    Latasha Jones 2006-12-20

  • really meaningful

    this is the perfect way to describe the commitment you give, its nice to know that in this time where marrige is taken so lightly that these things can still mean something!!

    laura 2006-05-31

  • real vows

    From this day forward (her/him) I share with you my past lovers, my (bills/debt), my criminal record, my mother-in-law, and my herpes. I give these unto you wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

    Bookie 2005-08-09

  • Okay

    This was nice but too short.

    Flo 2005-07-14

  • it is so lovely

    makes me feel warm and mushy....oh thats just my pants

    barry 2005-06-01

  • love and friend

    i thnk we could have afriend and be in love

    maria 2005-02-04

  • excellent

    this is very touching and is something on the lines of what i was planning to say to my fiance

    lashan and antonio 2005-01-29

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