Girl Of My Dreams

For a long time , there has not been anything in this world that i wanted more than to be with you and to be the reason you smile. Words aren't enough to begin to tell you how much i love you or how much i care, because nothing comes close to perfect when compared to you.

Not a single day goes by that i dont think myself lucky that i met you. I always knew that one day an angel would come and steal my heart and here you are, i couldn't imagine anyone else in the world that i want to spend forever with. There is no other girl i will love as much as i love you, except for our future daughter, i will stand by you no matter what , i will be there to hold your hand , and hold you when you cry through everything i will be there with you , you wont have to go it alone.

Before i met you i never thought i could be as happy as you make me, i believed that nice guys finished last, but now, i am a example of a nice guy finishing first for once in my life, you make me smile no mater what mood i am in, you brighten my darkest day and always make any pain i am in go away, before today meeting you and falling in love with you was the best thing that i have ever done , but now i can say i have done better. I can say the best thing I ever did was marry the girl of my dreams, I will love you forever and always.


  • Ms

    Wow you make me emotional

    Nontuthuko Tryphinah Diko 2020-09-09

  • someone hurting cause he honestly a women that has been hurting way deeply inside her soul

    This is travis and yes these are the words that I want to say to her , because I faithfully love and care alot about her nomatter what we go threw together.

    Andre travis simmons 2015-07-18

  • Love it

    I loved this it made me cry im still really young but when I get married this I Wut I want my husband to say to me. I loved this! <3

    Autumn 2012-05-06

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