My Vow To You

In all my life I never felt like anyone ever listened to me, in all my life I never felt like anyone ever wanted to listen to how I felt, or what was on my mind and it hurt me.

In my life I have had guys that have been dared to go out with me. They even went out with me just so they could try to sleep with me, but I turn them down because I knew that was all they wanted from me. I knew that was not right they were not right for me

But then I met you, the only guy that listened to me, you're the only guy that I felt like you wanted to listen to me, and how I felt,and I felt that you never wanted to hurt me.

you were never dared to go out with me, or went out with me just to sleep with me, and I knew that didn’t just want me for that, I knew then that you were the guy for me.

And the more I got to know you the more I fell In love with you and you saved me from future hurt.

So my vow to you is to love you forever, to be a good wife and mother, know that anything you choose for us is what you think is good for us, and I’ll stand by it and always stand by no matter what I love you.


  • Brutal

    This girl sound about 16 years old. Very classless vows. I would've been appalled to hear these vows as her new husband or even just as a guest. Embarrassed for her, actually... Just no.

    Shawna 2015-10-03

  • No not this one please

    This one has lot of regret in it. It sounds like someone who has had a lot of pain and still does. If someone said this to me I would run the other way.

    Richh 2012-02-03

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