My Vows To Kenneth

You are the smile on my face, and the tears in my eyes.
You are the laughter in my voice, and the butterflies in my stomach,
You are the melting in my heart, and the spinning in my head.
You are my dream come true. You are the love of my life.

On this day, with God and our children as our witnesses, and in honor of our parents, both here and in spirit, who have taught us the meaning of true love, I, Cheri, take you Kenneth, to be my husband for all the days of my life.

I promise and pledge to you to be your best friend and partner in life, to laugh with you, and to cry with you. To be honest and faithful, to care for you both emotionally and physically, to weather the storms with you, and to live your dreams with you, and most of all, to love you like you want to be loved, with all that I have, and all that I am.

Today when we become husband and wife, we also blend our families. Just as I love Brent, Whitney, and Megan, I promise to love Bradley and Mitchell as my own, to always to be there for them, to comfort and care for them, to protect and provide for them, to listen and guide them, and most of all, love them with all my heart.

As I have given you my heart, I now give you my hand to hold for eternity.

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  • beautiful

    I love the inclusion of the children, it's extremely touching.

    Lins 2011-12-30

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