The One


You are are my best friend. Ten years ago you stole my heart. I could even tell you when and where. You are the sweetest, most caring and compassionate soul I've ever met. You believe in me. You saved me, you give me strength, and I'm forever grateful for this.

I promise I will always be a really good husband/wife to you. I promise to be your rock, your lover, and your friend. I promise to always listen to your stories and support your dreams. I promise I will always put my best foot forward so we can achieve our dreams. So we can continue creating our lives together on our terms. We're a team, we always have been. We are winning!

There is no other. There never was. It was always you. You've always been the one for me and I'm so happy we found each other early on.

And here we are, years later down the road, standing at the alter together, with our family and friends. Today I stand before you as your husband/wife and if feels really good. I love you.

I did a lot of research on this site and there were a lot of really good vows shared. I really appreciated all the ideas and thoughts from everyone. Have a great wedding!

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