What can I say

What can I say to you that I haven’t already said,
What can I give you that I haven’t already given,
Is there anything of me that isn’t yours already,
My body, my mind, my heart, even my soul,
Everything that is me belonged to you long before this,
And it shall be yours long after this,
I will follow you anywhere and everywhere you lead,
Hand in hand and heart in heart.

By Kufi


  • Oh my gosh

    This is excatly how i feel about my high school sweetheart!

    Savannah 2012-03-25

  • Nice

    I really like this one too

    Kim 2012-01-17

  • this says it all

    brad .a. finley i love you and everything about you ..i like this vow we should look at this one and create a special vow that no one else had something no ones had the relationship we have & lets keep it that way to come up with something undescribable:) ilyalwayzforeva

    tinapadgett finley 2011-11-01

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