With Every Fibre Of My Heart

________, the first time we met, I fell deeply in love with you. I knew that you were the man/woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Every moment we have spent together since that day, my love for you has grown. My heart, my soul and everything that I am belongs to you.

You are the most amazing and perfect man/woman I have ever known. You make me happier than I ever thought possible and I feel truly blessed that you have agreed to be my husband/wife.

So I make these vows to you in the presence of our closest friends and family, so that they may witness the promises I make.

I solemnly vow that I will spend every day doing everything I can to be the husband/wife that you deserve; to support, love and cherish you; through the happiest times, but also through the darkest times. I vow to be your best friend, your closest soulmate and, most of all, your faithful husband/wife.

No matter what life may throw at us, I vow that I will never stop loving you, will never stop caring for you and will never stop trying to be the best husband/wife that I can be.

I love you, ________, with every fibre of my heart.

By Carl Mifflin


  • Your wife

    From this day forward to forever I vow to live cherish and respect you as well as myself, my body my mind and heart and take better care of myself for you and I will always believe in us baby! Your love for me gives me the source of strength and happiness I have always needed and wanted in my life. Being with you has healed and strengthened my faith and brought me closer to you and God. Daniel Lee my heart and soul. Our love has made me selfless and ice grown and healed. I believe in us baby

    Jennifer 2021-05-30

  • Computer Engineer

    World Love My Beautiful Wife To the most beautiful wife in heart.
    Remember, you and your wife are one flesh. That means when you make decisions that hurt you, you are also hurting your her. - Aaron Smith I love you my dear wife

    Eng Abdi Hassan 2017-04-10

  • Entertainer

    I feel the same way about ny husband to be

    Shanice Monroe 2016-11-18

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