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  • Mrs to be again

    After almost 15yrs of marriage, 8yrs of divorce, his second marriage and his second divorce,my ex and I will say I do again this Friday. To God be the Glory. When you put God first and put your focus back in line with him.. he directs your path.

    Crystal 2023-02-07

  • God restored our 31 year marriage

    Will tweek this for me.married 31 years, he filed divorce. I trusted in the Lord and HIS PROMISES to restore what Satan has stolen
    October 19th, we will be remarried. All GLORY to my Lord and Saviour JESUS Christ

    Bev 2019-10-14

  • Luckiest woman alive

    I’m waiting on my one true love and best friend to ask for my hand once again. I will definitely use this beautiful work of man through God to restart our lives together

    Rhonda 2018-04-12

  • Remarrying Same Person

    Some of this is great. Would enjoy more comments from anyone who re-married the same person. We were married 31 years and then divorced for 15 and now back together for last 5 years. Want to have a re-do ceremony.

    Marianne 2017-05-31

  • A new commitment

    We are going to redo our wedding vows as we are approaching 60 years of marriage. This perfect for me/us.

    Krusty 2015-06-27

  • again

    This is the one for me .it fits my wife perfect.

    terry brown 2014-11-27

  • so true

    These words are everything I want to say to my fiance.

    christa 2014-01-06

  • Again

    What wonderful words, they were written with love and definitely meant for us.

    hgordon 2013-01-05

  • Loving him again

    wow!! Just the right vows for one who has walked with God again trusting that this time the marriage will work

    RoseM 2012-09-26

  • Loving my Husband

    Theses were the words to renew our wedding vows to each other and to love and to hold until death does us part. I hope who ever reads this will have ever lasting love for each other. God Bless you.

    Shearie 2012-07-25

  • loving my wife

    I think who ever reads this will have way more love for their spouse spouse than ever.I know I do.

    jermain 2012-03-06

  • love

    these words were meant for me.

    tameika 2012-01-22

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