God has given us a second chance Comments

  • perfect

    We used this for our vows on Friday 29th November 2013 ,but we replaced the word God with life and it fitted the ceremony perfect.

    mo mills 2013-12-02

  • perfect

    These vows are perfect, searching for the right words for our 2nd marriage to each other going to use these for our wedding. thank you very much

    Eily 2012-01-15

  • encouragement

    i feel deeply move to give my husband those of love

    clarice motton 2011-10-26

  • How Moving

    For someone who has been married before, but now is married for the last time, these vows moved me to tears. God has truly given my husband Jeff and I a second chance at "till death do us part love" and we are going to succeed because God is for us so who can be against us!

    Twila 2011-03-28

  • a touching moment

    i just want to say that that really touch me and i love it.....

    cynthia williams 2010-07-16

  • Hello

    i love my husband, and would happily tell him that, Kim i see you everyyyyywhere, get some friends, haha love oyu babe

    Tyone Javed 2008-06-17

  • um..

    i love it..

    Mya 2008-04-08

  • Blessed

    I feel like these were written to me.
    I was deeply moved and would use
    these to tell someone how much I love
    him in my private devotions as well as
    vows for marriage.

    Kim 2006-08-14

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