I have found a new life Comments

  • renew our vows

    I am going to use this on my renewal of my wedding March 23rd 2014 it is a lovely one.

    Madeline 2014-03-10

  • loving

    I think everyone should have this mind frame, this is how a vow should be.

    Raianna 2013-11-21

  • For our future wedding

    Wow I love it EXCELLENT!!!
    I can say that I HAVE FOUND A LIFE WITH YOU MY DEAR HUSBAND TO BE..And this is perfect that i could share and I could relate in my past lonely life. That now i have you i'm so much happy..
    Good job.........

    Chrisgema 2011-08-02

  • thoughts

    I lost my first husband 5 years ago to cancer, and now that I have found love again.I think this is a great one for two people to start again. And show there new love.

    Suzie 2009-07-08

  • excellent

    This one reminds me of my man it sounds like something he would say to me on are wedding day.

    nikkie 2009-05-10

  • Again Perfect....

    I love traditional things but I did all that the first time... This is so from the heart exactly what I want to say. I know he will love hearing it from me. It's powerful.

    Linda 2009-01-22

  • Perfect

    I think it's perfect. As for Betty's comment...yes alot is said this day, and it should all be from the heart. Maybe this isn't what your heart says...that doesn't mean its overkill.

    Crisi 2007-12-13

  • Too long to remember

    Your nervous on this day, with everthing eles that get said I just think it's overkill.

    Betty 2005-12-28

  • Excellent

    I must say this is excellent! It is sweet,thoughtful and quite loving.

    Suzanne 2005-07-07

  • Perfect

    This seems to combine the traditional vow and personal reflections. It is direct, loving, thoughtful and committed. No doubt!

    Monica 2005-01-20

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