A Gift From the Sea Comments

  • 。。ุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุ่่่่่่ يو ♰݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉ ℭ҉

    。。ุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุุ่่่่่่ يو ♰݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉݉ ℭ҉

    ✍️. 2020-04-27

  • Not about the Sea

    This is a nice reading but is not about the sea or water or ocean, etc. It is about a web. I think the title is wrong.

    Jennifer 2014-07-29

  • Bride to be

    Going to use this in our beach wedding in August

    Laurie 2010-03-25

  • Yo.

    Very nice reading.

    Person Of ... StuffNess 2007-11-02

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