Hindu Wedding Vows - Seven Steps

Hindu Wedding Vow Sample 1

With God as our guide, let us take:

The first step to nourish each other.

The second step to grow together in strength.

The third step to preserve our wealth.

The fourth step to share our joys and sorrows.

The fifth step to care for our children.

The sixth step to be together forever.

The seventh step to remain lifelong friends,
the perfect halves to make a perfect whole.

After the seventh step he makes her remain where she is and says:

"With seven steps we become friends.
Let me reach your friendship.
Let me not be severed from your friendship.
Let your friendship not be severed from me."

Hindu Wedding Vow Sample 2

Let us take the first step to provide for our household a nourishing and pure diet, avoiding those foods injurious to healthy living.

Let us take the second step to develop physical, mental, and spiritual powers.

Let us take the third step to increase our wealth by righteous means and proper use.

Let us take the fourth step to acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love and trust.

Let us take the fifth step so that we are blessed with strong, virtuous, and heroic children.

Let us take the sixth step for self-restraint and longevity.

Finally, let us take the seventh step and be true companions and remain lifelong partners by this wedlock.

Hindu Wedding Vow Sample 3

Let us live with honor and respect.
Let us walk together so we get food.

Let us be happy and enjoy life.
Let us walk together so we get strength.

Let us share joys and pains together.
Let us walk together so we get wealth.

Let us not forget parents and elders.
Let us walk together so we get happiness.

Let us observe all acts of charity.
Let us walk together so we have family.

Let us live long and peaceful life.
Let us walk together so we have joy.

Let us be friends with love and sacrifice.
Let us walk together so we have friendship.

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  • Reverend

    I have been too, and also seen many weddings, all the vows spoken are beautiful. This is by and far my favorite, this is a vow of forever. So beautiful.

    Rev. Charlie 2016-10-13

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