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  • Favourite

    I like sample two I think it captures important things.

    Myfanwy 2024-02-10

  • belton


    taliyah 2018-03-12

  • Perfect vows

    I am getting to the love of my life here soon and o wanted to read the wedding vows before hand. They are sweet and brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to say them

    Kristen 2012-02-26

  • divorces break promise.

    why do all these people want a divorce after they have made these vows? that is breaking a promis with GOD and i dont like that.

    Kit Kat 2012-01-06

  • the hand of God

    I met my fiance in our church and we are both deeply spiritual. he is a cancer survivor, and I had been alone for many years. Falling in love has been a gift from God. We will cherish our love forever as a wonderful blessing.

    karin 2011-12-14

  • Promises broken

    What do you do when these vows aren't kept by the person you love and committed to 20+ years ago? I don't believe in divorce.

    stephanie 2011-07-27

  • To David

    Are you kidding me? Congrats, you're being used AND cheated on. Stop living in denial!
    True love has nothing to do with money. My fiance and I have been through hell and back regarding money. We've had to push our wedding back more than a year because we can't afford it. He was so happy when I said yes (he only had to ask once), but I didn't see him running right out to buy me an expensive car. He doesn't need to buy me things to be happy.
    You may love her, but it sounds like she loves your money more.

    Rebecca 2010-04-11

  • Just updating

    Well we're living in harmony. Its like a fairytail came true. I never thought that this would happen to a guy like me. Im not that very good looking but she says i look good some days. I love her so much and always will. She is my one and all and i will never do anything to hurt her. If she wants anything i'll get it for her i dont care how much it is if she wants it she gets it. I just wish i could make some more money so that i could pay my debt off but wen i said that i'd buy her anything i meant it and she's really putting that into consideration. She likes to go shopping and running credit cards thru the slot but its only money. Love is so much more than money. Money doesn't buy love (except the 80,000 dollar car was a nice touch cuz it made her put out a little more) but love is the main thing in our relationship. Im happy and so is she but wat i dont get is y i keep getting some bills from her staying in hotels for one night but i guess she just needs some time alone i guess. It could b worse she could be going out with some total stranger or someone from her work. Well i better go now. Laters

    David Again 2010-03-08

  • Love at first sight

    When i first met this girl i knew i wanted to marry this girl and be with her for the rest of my life. I went right out and bought a 20,000 dollar ring hoping that she would say yes. She didn't :( until i asked her for the eighth time and then finally she said yes. I was so happy that I bought her a new Shelby GT 500 ford Mustang. She seemed to like me a little more after that. I will do anything to be with her. I LOVE HER 4EVA. I hope you guys can find happiness like i was able too.

    David 2010-03-08


    Dont get married over the phone, wait, your so young you dont know love. dont get crazy. where are your parents?

    Jessica 2010-03-03

  • getting married

    My girl friend Cassandra and I have been together for a while and since we have been together we have been unseperable for two years now. Just today I asked her to marry me when she finishes her senior year of high school this year. She will be enrolled into college married and she is really excited about it. I have been out of school since last year and we live about an hour and a half away from each other but that doesn't matter because im not going to let that keep me from marrying her. Here soon her and I are about to be taking our vows with no mistake or doubts about it.

    Ashly 2010-01-24

  • love

    this is wonderful vows for my school report

    kellee 2009-09-29

  • hmm

    my fiance n i have been together just under 4yrs. we broke up and got back together before we decided it was right. he proposed last month...a couple of weeks after my 19th birthday.

    we arent getting married until september 2011 and were just about to move in together.

    yaywedding 2009-08-24

  • Planning Wedding

    We are expecting our first baby this november, we were suppose to get married this year but we were blessed with a little boy. These vows above are perfect for my fiance and I next september.

    Jessica 2009-07-29

  • Take some time....

    I agree with Jerry. One should never rush to the altar. After all, if you believe the person you are with is the love of your life, why is there a need to rush down the aisle? My fiance and I have known each other since 1999. We remained friends from 1999-2007, and started seriously dating in 2007. Although we did get engaged quickly (May 2008), we are not getting married until June 2010. This allows us more time to get to know one another, to seriously contemplate our future goals, and to decide what we would like our future life to be like (including all of the little things from who will do what chores to how many kids we want to how our kids should be raised). I recommend reading through some of the marriage books you can find at your local Barnes & Noble, sitting down and truly going through them. Marriage is for the rest of your life: take it seriously.

    Lisa 2009-05-04

  • Easy....

    People, take it easy. I've made the mistake of rushing in too quickly. You are talking about promise rings, meeting your future wife last week, and high school. I can't say that you don't know what love is, but it appears that you undervalue patience. Even the most in love of couples have serious obstacles in marriage. Slow down, be sure that you can really live up to these words forever before you just get wrapped up in the romance of it all. I wish you all the best, but seriously....slow down.

    Jerry 2009-01-03

  • A promise but no ring

    My fiance and i arent even out of high school... hes propsed to me twice and the second time i finally said yes... right now we live 14 hours away from each other... its hard to love some one so much and far away from them.... but right now these vows are ringing through my mind and if i hav to i will say "i will" over the phone...

    Anna 2008-12-29

  • Loves Ida

    I met my future wife last week and we will have these vows completed sooner than you can say "Lutheran Church" .

    Bill 2008-11-20

  • love is in air 4 me

    the vows are good i just got a promise ring and we thinking about getting married when we are done with college and i get a good cooking carrer

    melissa 2007-01-03

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