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  • love

    i love love it is the best ever

    josh finn 2016-09-22

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    Dylan Hall 2016-09-01

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  • My Heart Has Been Broken

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  • Love, Love, Love

    Weddings are the absolute best, but i hate divorces. Since i have been in 6 of divorces they make me re

    josh finn 2016-09-01

  • Weddings are so Beautiful

    I just love weddings and how much love is involved with them.

    Josh Finn 2016-07-28

  • Wedding vows

    I need to use that for my wedding thank you

    Carol barker 2014-05-06

  • i love the catholic church

    wedding vows are so beautiful i love weddings although i have a fear of comittment ...anyway someday maybe anyway i was born and raised catholic wento catholic schoolit is my only religion and will always be my only religfion i have abiological son asthonmway hes 2 AND HE JUST GOT BATIZED HIS LEGAL GODPARENTS IN WRITING R IN IOWA AND CALIFORNIA IMSO EXCITED TO RAISE HIM CATHOLIC TIFFANYLEWIS AND ASHTON WAY

    tiffany lewis 2014-01-22

  • too short

    Esp. for Catholics, where is GOD? The one who created us is not even mentioned. Marriage is His establishment, not our..thus we have come to such a sad point to believe that the love of God is in other types of marriage, polygamy, same-sex, etc. & it will get worse due to our self-centeredness.

    rob 2012-08-23

  • romeo and juliet

    what would they say to each other in wedding s vows

    chiquita 2012-05-03



    MY NAME IS DAVID 2010-01-06

  • alwaya tell the other person that you love

    You should always tell the other person that you love them. If you really care for the other person then yeah you should tell them how much you really love them

    Melanie 2009-05-14

  • Traditional is not always bad...

    If you think about it...for generations Roman Catholics and any Catholic have been using these vows why change something that's not broke... One- It's short and sweet(no one likes going to a wedding that lasts more then an hour because of the vows) Two- Your family, friends, and anyone there mostly your MOMS will be crying because that's what they said at there wedding and they get to see there lil. Girl or Boy say what they said ions ago...maybe, even in the same church... add what you like omit what you like if that's what you want but if you want to say change it why don't you suggest something to change it too?? Instead of not giving any good in put at all...but remember your guests at the wedding and at most Catholic Weddings expect it to only be an hour...same as going to church...

    Jen 2009-04-01

  • Traditional Vows

    Wedding Vows come from your Heart & Soul, they are a comformation of your Love for each other, they are said in the Presence of GOD, Family & Friends so they can know how much you love each other.

    Ron 2009-03-29

  • love is in the air

    You should always tell your partner that you love him or her.Its a good sign of a long lasting marriage.

    Catholic 2008-07-24

  • Love you forever

    As I stand before you today, the man i have loved so much. It is said that love makes the world goes around, and i will happily travel on this world with you by my side. I would do anything in the world for you, cross an ocean,climb a mountain, endure blistering winds and scorching desert,if i could see your face at the very end. i want to wake up beside you, go to sleep beside you at night, be there for you when you need me most, and love you for the rest of my life. knowing that as i travel through life, and having you hold my hand, i know i can do anything. I love you more today than i did yeaterday, and less that i will tomorrow when i awake as your wife,my love for you will never alter, it will never change, it can only get stronger,in sickness & health,good times and bad,all the days of my life,till my time on this earth is through.I love you.

    Grace 2008-02-16

  • Reality

    Need and want are two different things. You should want to share your love... You don't have to say "I love you" all the time either, but it's still nice to hear.

    Getting Married 2008-02-15

  • Tried Tested and True

    These are nice and simple vows. They declare to everyone everything that's important in a few lovely lines. I've looked at so many and they all seem to say the same as this original vow but in long paragraphs. Nothing wrong with that, but to the point is so great!

    Garden Sprite 2007-09-09

  • Elegant

    You can never tell me too many times that I'm loved.

    Beautiful 2007-04-09

  • question on old vows

    in the old vows didn't used to say honor and obey?

    greg 2006-09-29

  • Just Perfect

    I am geeting ready to get married and these are our vows. It is very important to us. I think we should follow our Roman Catholic traditions.

    Emily Ann 2005-09-25

  • thru age of time

    why do you want to change this?? would you change the Our Father?? If you would then you have no business here.

    Lety 2005-07-19

  • Practically Perfect

    Succint. Simple phrases that bring tears to my eyes each time

    Marianne 2005-07-07

  • Short and Sweet but only to a point

    You shouldn't "need" to reaffirm, but I don't think there's anything wrong with reminding people that you love them.

    Catherine 2005-06-05

  • Short and sweet

    you shouldn't need to rhyme of a load of waffle, your partner should already know what you are like and it shouldn't need reaffirmed.....

    Catholic 2005-04-28

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