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  • Feelings

    Thats the way i looked and thought of the Love i share with my DF but im not running but for some reason DF
    Sorry what am i thinking of she dosnt Love me but i carnt seem to stop Loving her WHY WHY PLEASE SOMEONE TELL WHY????

    Michael 2021-03-27

  • Bonita

    My love

    Elvira 2019-02-19

  • Bae

    I dream to have this one day with u if allowed I loved u for so long my love even we are having hard times right now God still keeping us together like always please some comw see and talk to me soon

    Kim 2018-03-22

  • Close but not there


    Past 50 never been married... this is a near miss. Wow, you just don't get the angst or humor or irony, how old is the person that wrote this & how many times did they get married?

    What would you really say if neither party has never been married. They are both over 50 yrs old both had plenty of opportunities but ran until this one person would not run no matter what! bty: this is true for both partners. We did everything possible to stop the possibility of true love but neither of us could walk away. It was not a fun or even fair fight but we simply could not walk away. "...and that's the truth"

    Kate 2015-02-06


    This is beautiful
    My eyes filled up :)

    MARIE 2015-01-23

  • You and Only You

    This poem was a very great and touch- warming poem. I real love this poem and would like to read and see more like this

    Quaitina Ducksworthq 2013-09-11

  • awesome

    cant wait to get married this verse has helped me in a big way with what i want to say to my future husband in our own vows to each other as didn't want traditional vows as felt too fuddy duddy this verse just says it all and it's straight from the heart xx

    andee 2013-08-13

  • You and Only You

    This is so beautiful...heartfelt & loving.

    Sharrie 2013-06-08

  • Awsome

    Thank you so much this truly spoke my heart-My wedding is tomowro-My vows are already written-There will be no revising-Butt I am adding a few things-Can you say inspired?

    Andrew W 2013-03-21

  • you and only you

    yah ds is axactly the words ineeded for the lover of my life for been there for m after evrythng we hv been though

    sipho 2012-09-24

  • loved this

    i read this and cryed it is amazing i describes so much for me if only i was to be getting married and was not randomly bored so looking and reading these

    OMG 2012-05-31

  • Just so beautiful

    Oh my god never read something so beautiful I love it

    Yolanda 2012-05-11

  • Vows

    This is exactly how I feel :)

    Melissa 2012-05-01

  • Forever.

    Well I say that 2, cause I had someone K8 Hudson from best supporting actress movie 2000 year Almost Famous bee ing the role Penny Lane. I been w-her bout 7 months & b tween those she propose at Washington DC, it turnout I got mad at her I threw 'way the ring & ask 2 b reengage yeah that is what happen. The way I took it I was definitely excited, she and I were at Iowa City 4 my appointment I begged few times asking so we'd went in the car she asked right then. My guess of a couple 2 Mrs. Penny Lane it includes me I'm depending few guests 2 the guest list. K8 and I already made commitment & promised we will ever let each other go. I always luv K8 from the b ginning 2 join b in her family in2 relation ship she has with me.

    kari Fordice 2012-04-21

  • speachless

    absolutelly lovely!!

    winnie 2012-02-04

  • beautiful

    These words are exactly how I feel n now I kno how to say exactly wat to say to my best friend my lover my soon to be I'm extremely nevrous lol

    a future snowden 2012-02-01

  • So true

    It is beautiful say!!!

    nicki 2012-01-25

  • boohoo

    this made me cry 4 hours weep weep :(
    i wish i could get married

    Peekaboo 2012-01-18

  • I love you from the beginning and always will

    I will always love you till the end, our will never be forgotten and i will always be there as much as you need to me and as long as i live i know that you would love,care for as long as we both shell live together

    Sia Her 2011-12-30

  • WOW

    Absolutely beautiful!

    papanewsgirl 2011-12-30

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