A Blessed Union


It is a time of celebration, for two people have come together and found mutual joy. They have shared their lives and decided to create a covenant between themselves, a partnership guided by spirit and support by our community. ________ and ________ ask all you in attendance in body and spirit to pledge your support and encouragement for them to keep true to their vows.

Minister lights two white taper candles.

We are all children of the light. I light this candle, which represents the sun, our spiritual father. I light this candle, which represents the moon, our spiritual mother. As these flames burn bright and strong, may their light bring this union between ________ and ________ to grow in joy and love.

Minister scatters flower petals in a complete circle around the couple.

Let your love be like the flowers of the earth, beautiful and divine, ever growing, spreading love and joy throughout the Earth. May you live within a circle of love and may your unity be a thing of beauty and sweetness. May your love dance in eternal circles of time, with the dance of the earth with the sacredness of life.

Bride and Groom each pick up one white candle, turn to each other, and hold the flames together to make one flame.


And you begin your journey of life shared, separate beings that have come together into one light, one love. Many are the years you will share if you keep your vows, your sacred trust. May the sacred winds whisper joy into your life. May you take delight in each other for all your days. You are forever changed from this day forward. May this fire of love kindle your passions for each other throughout all your years. May your love rise anew, an eternal flame to light the day. May you grow old together and share a happy home.

Bride and Groom light a single white candle and blow out the tapers. They repeat together after the minister the following:

Beloved, I seek to know you, and ask for the wisdom to love you as you are.I will take joy in you and in our life together. You are to me the whispering of the tides, the seduction of summer’s heat. You are my friend, my lover. Grow old and wise with me. I look forward to the life before us of rainbows and sunsets and a willingness to share all things. I love you. I adore you.

Minister to Bride

Do you, ________, take ________ to be your partner in all things, to love and trust, care for and cherish?


Yes, with all my heart.

Minister to Groom

Do you, ________, take ________ to be your partner in all things, to love and trust, care for and cherish?


Yes, with all my soul.

Minister to congregation

May we all now pause and reflect upon the beauty of these lovers, the beauty and wonder of life. We all wish these two as many days of perfect love and perfect trust that life can bring. By the legal powers of the State of (state) are these sacred vows made manifest.


  • Heart warming

    when i read this it warmed my heart i was looking fo something like this for my outdoor wedding.

    Carlie 2012-08-14

  • perfect

    These vows are exactly what I have been lookng for. They are Very , unique, earthy, and spiritual. Thanks to whomever shared these. Love and light.

    jade 2012-04-14

  • Amazing

    This is what me and my wife chose for our wedding, and it was a huge success. I thank you so much.

    Yao 2012-03-17

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