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  • Perfect

    My wedding is 8 weeks away and we lost our church and minister at last minute! the Rev. was so undertsanding and helpful and this site and the choices are amazing! this is the perfect servie for our vows!

    Tricia 2012-05-09

  • Absolutely Perfect

    My daughter showed me this wedding vow for her up coming wedding in June 2012. When she read it out to me and my husband, I felt it was the most beautiful wedding vow to be written. It shows exactly who instituted marriage in the first place, and that it should not be taken lightly.The step taken by the two parties involved should be well thought through. May the Lord bless anyone who takes this vow seriously, including my daughter and her fiancee (her husband to be). It is absolutely powerful, and sends out the perfect message to all who hear it.

    Mrs.paula darji 2012-04-20

  • lovely

    Very nice. I would love to use this one too.

    victoria 2012-01-29

  • winner

    This made me cry. I am using this for our wedding. Thank you.

    bonnie 2011-10-30

  • Amazing

    Thank you very much. This is absolutely PERFECT for my wedding.

    Stephen Fargo 2011-05-04

  • Absolute beautiful.

    I haven't decided yet on when I will be married but this will be the cermony whenever that special time comes around. I just love it.

    sherry 2010-06-10

  • These vows

    I used these vows for the weddings i hosted and they thanked me for it.This is so beutiful.I could have never thought of it.These ate the best vows ever.Thanks for postiong these vows up.Better than me.LOL :-P :-D

    Brooke 2010-05-29

  • Outstanding

    This one is much better than those I've viewed thus far. I'm trashing the rest and replacing them with this one while I look for more to compare, but it won't be an easy task.

    Amelia Binai 2009-11-21

  • teehee

    oh my goodness! that makes me want to cry

    amanda bimperkins 2008-12-04

  • beautiful

    this is perfect

    Kristin 2007-10-23

  • wow

    i am just beginning to plan my wedding.. and wow!! i could have not found anything more perfect that this!

    Tiffany Bowman 2007-08-30

  • the bride


    Linda 2007-06-23

  • excellent

    i will live for this for years to come

    willy 2007-03-20

  • this is so beautiful

    I really like this one it's beautiful and i know i will never forget it I think this is the one i will use for my june 25th wedding love the site

    shawna zink 2005-06-06

  • beautiful

    i think i found a winner for my wedding.

    jessica lauren 2005-05-13

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