Brief Contemporary Ceremony Comments

  • Short

    I'd hate to be putting my family and friends to sleep with such a long ceremony & with 2 of My bridesmaids being very pregnant & I having an outdoor wedding I prefer to keep the vows as short and meaningful as possible for the whole crowd

    Brytni 2012-08-15

  • is this a good one to go with

    is this one a good one to go with i mean im getting married in 2 months as of yesterday and i havent a clue what to tell my minster what to say

    jakota 2012-03-19

  • Is It Over Yet

    I am a wedding Officiant and I just love these comments. It is true as if the vows are to long I start getting confused and feel like I am talking in circles. It is then that the couple begin looking at me like "Is It Over Yet"!

    Mary L. Browning 2011-05-04

  • agreed

    a wedding ceremony should have a little more heart and a fan of short and sweet myself but i want more meaningful ceremony.....

    leighanna 2010-03-23

  • gee

    good point becky, though the shorter the better with the vows. as long as the words mean something to you or the quests it doesnt really matter how long it takes.

    gee 2009-06-03

  • Wow...

    I am a firm believer in keeping it short and sweet, but the ceremony should at least be as long as it took me to get into my dress. Otherwise, why did I spend so much time getting ready??

    Becky 2008-12-24

  • hahaha

    Very funny comments by "Baa". I was going to do a longer vow but perhaps we'll keep our vows shorter.

    Christian Lee 2008-07-23

  • Nothing

    I feel that weddings are really long winded and the voice of the priests are enough to put anyone to sleep instantly. Surprisingly their voices have the same effect as anaesthesia being injected into a patient waiting desperately for surgery.

    Baa 2007-01-29

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