Christian Wedding Ceremony Sample 15


We have come together at the invitation of ________ and ________ to celebrate the uniting in Christian love their lives and hearts. This is possible because of the love God has created in them, through Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly." This abun-dant life, for many people, is an impossible dream, yet God wants us all to have this abundant life and proved His love for us by giving His son that we might have this life.

Another way that God provides for this "full" life is creating those who will love us. ________ found such a one in ________ Their hearts and spirits were drawn together before today by the Lord of all creation. Two lives are not united by ceremony, but only in the power, love and grace of God.

________ and ________ are here to publicly declare that because of Jesus Christ's love, they too can truly love one another. As God demonstrated His love in Jesus, Our Lord, ________ and ________ will demonstrate this God given love by giving themselves to one another and one for the other.

They have not reached this place alone, each has been given life by their parents. These who gave to them life, love, provision, are and will be, a vital part in their continued lives. Their love has borne fruit in ________ and ________. Love and respect for these will continue as they grow in their own love, made possible by their parents.

Giving Away of Bride

Pastor -- Who then has prepared this woman for marriage to this man? (or Who giveth this woman to be married to this man?)

Father answers -- Her family and I have prepared her for marriage. (or Her family and I.)

Wedding Vows

I sometimes counsel with the couple and ask them to write what they wish to say in their vows to each other. They learn this and I allow them to express it without too much (if any) prompting. One service I had the girl did not remember what she had planned to say so she blurted out, "Jim, I have forgotten what I wanted to say to you. I'm afraid, but I do love you deeply and with all my heart!" The wedding service was successful.

Ring Vows

Pastor -- A ring is more than a symbol of your marriage. It is a seal of the vows you have given to one an-other! The circle of the ring is, as far as human eye can see, a perfect circle--without beginning or end. So God too has perfect love for you and wants you to love one another in His grace--never, never ending. This ring is made of precious metal.

Pastor to Bride -- You, ________, are precious in God's sight and now in the life of ________. When you are absent one from another, the presence of the ring reminds you to be faithful to and to fulfill your vow to ________. Rings have historically been the sign of authority--used to seal documents and proclama-tions. You now accept his authority in your life.

Pastor to Groom -- ________, this ring is a seal of ________'s vow to you. She presents this to you as a token of her submission to you in Jesus Christ. This is a symbol of leadership and privilege. God has placed you as head of the family. You must lead in worship, works and fellowship. As the weaker vessel she de-pends upon you for strength.

(Charge the couple to respond to the scripture of 1 Peter 3 and Eph. 5.)

Pastor to Groom -- ________, are you now prepared to love ________ as Christ loved the church? Are you willing to love cherish, provide, and protect her, in sickness and health, in sorrow or in joy, etc. Accord-ing to the Word of God will you cherish and love her as your wife until death separates you?

Groom -- "I will."

Pastor to Bride -- ________, are you prepared to be subject to ________ in the Word of God. As your husband will you respect him, love him, etc.

Bride -- "I will."




Introduction of New Couple

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