Interfaith Ceremony 1

Greeting from Clergy


Bride and groom process in, each accompanied by their parents


Each set of parents lights a candle symbolizing their family tradition. During the last chorus, the bride and groom hug and kiss their parents and then move away from them to stand as a couple before the clergy.

Opening Prayer by Clergy

Reading 1

Reading 2

Statement of Intentions

Exchange of Vows

Lighting of the Candles

Bride and groom take the flames from their parents' candles and light their own candle together.

From Our Friends

"Lord, they stand before you happy and hopeful, yet also somewhat frightened. We believe that you brought them together and that You're one with them now. We also know that the road ahead will have both good times and hard times. We ask now that You bless them and be with them in the following days."

"Help them to live up to the vows they made to each other today. Keep their love fresh, alive, and growing. Remind them always to approach each other with gentleness and patience. Teach them how to communicate and trust more completely. Never let them take one another for granted."

"Guide them as we strive to hear You speaking to them through their religious traditions. Make them faithful to Yourself, as well as to each other. May their life togeher be a sign to others that people can live together in peace in spite of differences."

"Make their home a place of peace and growth where people are always welcome. Help them reach out to others to share the love and blessings they themselves have experienced."

"If You bless them with children make them good and loving parents. Help them always to remember that they are first of all Your children. Guide them as they try to raise them to be full and complete human beings aware of Your love, and help them to step aside when it is time to let go."

"Thank you for their family and friends, both those present and those unable to be with us today. Their love and friendship has led them to be what they are today. May their celebration strengthen their awareness of Your lover and their commitment to love others."

"And finally, guide those present home safely at day's end. Amen."

Clergy: Final Blessing

he Wine Ceremony: "Drinking from the wine glass and then crushing it is a tradition with many meanings. One is that it is a reminder of the hardshops endured throughout life. Another can be summed up in "what has been will never be the same, can never be the same, can never be put back together again". Finally, it serves as a reminder about marriage. Drinking the wine represents the joys and sweetness of life, and crushing the glass represents the hardships."

(Bride and groom each drink from the wine glass. Groom breaks the glass.

Introduction of the Newlyweds.


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