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Celebrant -- ________ and ________ invite us here today as witnesses to the public affirmation of their mutual devotion.

In its purest form, marriage is an ideal community comprised by souls who feel intensely for each other. They venerate their kinship more than all material things. As such, their relationship is bound and held constant by friendship, tenderness, and warmth. When they argue, their speech inflames, but it is just, short, and never tragic. They rely upon each other as sources of inspiration, which makes the bond always progressive. Its essential power derives from an authentic, sincere attentiveness and ability to promote fairness and attain knowledge for each other’s benefit. With sweet thoughtfulness, then, those married ideally feel and think both as individuals and as a union. Daily they bless each other with the gifts of independence and companionship.

As you enter this union, you must prepare to loosen your inhibitions and yet sensitively and patiently realise the needs and desires of your partner. You must attach yourselves in humility and enduring affection.

Is this the union to which you freely consent?

Bride and Groom -- Yes, I shall.

Celebrant -- ________ and ________ will now freely confirm their unreserved faithfulness to the full meaning of marriage by exchanging rings to indicate their betrothal.

________, giving ring to ________:

I belong to you.

________, placing ring on ________'s finger:

And you belong to me.

________, giving ring to ________:

I belong to you.

________, placing ring on _MF's finger:

And you belong to me.

Celebrant -- ________ and ________ will now declare the kind of Love for which they strive.

Love is wisdom led by intelligence.
Love is fidelity led by dependability.
Love is integrity led by reverence.
Love is hope led by the imagination.
Love is sympathy led by kindness.
Love is gentleness led by resolve.
Love is care led by attentiveness.
Love is generosity led by autonomy.
Love is change led by harmony.
Love is mysticism led by eroticism.
Love is peace led by gracefulness.
Love lasts for an eternity led by unconditional intimacy.

Your hearts give you a living spirit and your minds give you reason to Love. In heart and mind, in spirit and reason, will you remain true to Love?

Bride and Groom -- I shall.

Celebrant -- ________ and ________ will now offer each other enduring gifts signifying all the parts of love. These gifts consecrate your unity as a couple.

Bride -- I will take your name as a sign of our sacred union.

Groom -- I will promise to care for you fully whenever you need me.

Celebrant -- By the law and the vows you promised to each other, I pronounce you married.

Celebrant, witnesses, ________ and ________ then sign the marriage certificate.

Celebrant -- Many communities use kisses to greet each other and to seal contracts. Kissing is a ritual meant to foreshadow the sensuality the couple will experience with each other alone. Borrowing from traditions both ancient and new, Western culture generally views forehead kissing as a sign of care, kissing cheeks as a greeting, with kissing on the lips as reserved for individuals who freely enter a romantic union.

So greet one another with kisses now, and everyday from now, to visually express how much you care for each other. Always remember that every kiss you share should represent the blessings of unconditional love and intimacy you share.

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