All my happiness goes out to you Comments

  • I loved it

    It was awesome you need to make more mabey be poemiste

    Brooke 2012-05-29

  • god

    Bc god is apart of the one whom ur spending the rest of ur life with and for u to day that comment u belong in church

    jami 2010-11-07

  • love it

    this poem speaks right to my heart because i am getting married next june

    cody 2010-10-27

  • i love you boy

    when i look at you you make me smile when me and you first when together i didnt think our love wats going to come long i love

    jackie patterson 2009-10-12

  • Beautiful

    damn this is a tight poem

    Roberto 2009-04-22



    DORIS TENNER 2008-12-28

  • April and Mark

    The title of this poem should be called APRIL AND MARK BECAUSE IF YOU GO DOWN ON ALL THE FISRT LETTERS THAT IS WHAT THE POEM SPELLS OUT.....but maybe it's not your peom Nicholas Gordon....Shame On You!!!

    Tiffany 2008-11-21

  • Explanation

    R.G.-- God is the whole reason we are here. Dont you think it is only common sense that we give God the glory and make Him the center of everything in our lives?

    JesusFreak 2008-06-02

  • why is a poem always about......

    Why does every poem have to be more about god then the one your going to marry??

    R.G 2007-08-15

  • poem

    nice poem its so sweet and romantic

    Bob 2007-05-11

  • good title

    nice structure in your poem i like it very much

    melissa 2005-08-27

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