I Promise

I, (Name), promise you my love will all of my heart
I promise you all of the days of my life and that we’ll never be apart
I promise to never hurt you or make you cry
I will always be true and never will I lie
I will be your best friend, from now and forever more
I will respect and cherish you, forever I will adore
Here, I will be with you, through whatever comes our way
Don’t worry my love, I’m always here to stay
I promise from now, until death do us part
You are the only one for me, a special place in my heart
My new life with you, I am ready to begin
Until the happily ever after of our story comes to an end.


  • ❤❤


    Shikha 2019-02-10

  • WOW

    Wow! This is a bunch of crap and there are grammer errors this should be taken off

    Megan 2012-09-04

  • wow

    Beautiful poem

    Kerri 2012-06-30

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