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  • Mrs

    Want to know how what about the ceremony and how the procedure is

    Mallin 2016-06-26

  • For Byron

    There is more than one type of poetry. If you think it's not a poem, unless some of the words rhyme, then you are mistaken.
    I think this is beautiful!

    Shelly 2012-08-07

  • real love

    i love this poem it has a good meaning and it is touching to me and i think it would be a good poem for any one

    meusha 2012-02-14

  • Wedding

    i love weddings my mum got married to my dad

    kylie 2011-06-01

  • Love

    Always give ups to anyone that try to write poetry. It sounds more like a reading. Not a poem.

    Byron 2010-07-29

  • Real love

    Wow this is so sweet braught tears to my eyes

    Dawn 2008-11-01

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