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  • Wedding vows

    It's such nice vows. The words are perfect and exactly what i need to say i do

    Neo 2021-08-26

  • weddding voes


    rachelmerencio 2019-09-27

  • Amen

    I want this to my wedding vow soon.i pray to God

    Anagel 2019-07-28

  • Amen

    This is very beautiful I may use this one myself but reword it up. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Latika 2017-08-27

  • 11/4/2016

    I love this one...

    Keyana Conerly 2016-10-31

  • Love vows

    This is the one! It's settled

    Queen Amina 2016-07-31

  • Love forever

    You have made me the happiest (man/woman) in the whole world.
    You are my best friend and I could never ask for a better man then you.
    I will love you forever and that will never ever change no matter what.

    Love 2016-06-05

  • CUTE!!!!!!

    I WANT THIS TO BE MY WEDDING VOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Andrea~Senpai 2016-04-18

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