That special day

Down the isle with a smile on their face,
him in a tux and her in lace.

Vows said with love and car,
as people watch and stare.

On the pillow is were the rings lay,
the preacher asking what they want to say.

He says words so pure and true,
All she can get out is an I love you.

He says I do,
She says I do too.

They hold each other thight,
and know this choice was right.

by Rochelle Hames


  • That special day With alot of mistakes

    I like this poem but there are to many typooos.

    Melissa Lewis 2008-10-02

  • simple and sweet

    THe vow is so cute. Its a very simple couplet poem, but it is very sweet at the same time. And that is a sign about life; not everything has to be complex to be from the heart. There are a few typos, but that is understandable. 8!

    Ariana 2008-06-11

  • Really really nice

    I'm looking for something really nice which my niece could read out at my wedding. I think I will probabley choose this one, it just brought a tear to my eye!!!

    Jen 2008-05-04

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