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  • Tutu-Bear

    whilst reading the inner child of self emerged, evoked as is tickled by a feather - later read that native americans would wake their children with feathers so as to wake them gently, such a gentle thought and like that of the prayer, thank you

    A D Pilkington 2016-08-17

  • Indian Blessing

    I believe only in "Holy Matrimony" marriage the way God intended it. Married by an ordained minister of God. Man of God. The marriage would be blessed by God. It's also not being two people. It's a man shall leave his father & mother & cleave to his wife & the two shall become one. I don't believe I any other way to be married.

    Kim 2013-07-21

  • Indian blessing

    Just beautiful - We should subscribe to more American Indian blessings and beliefs. It is sad we didn't embrace the culture, but tried to destroy it.

    sharon 2011-03-25

  • awesome

    very nice my get a friend to read this out at our wedding

    belinda 2011-03-03

  • Cool

    I don't know if I would use this for a wedding vow, but it's profound nonetheless.

    Rick 2007-11-18

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