Cherokee Prayer Comments

  • Moon

    Hi miss miss you guys are having dinner today so we can miss you too and I will be home by later today or later today love miss miss e bye merry merry love you miss you merry merry love

    MY WIFE 2022-05-31

  • wonderful

    i love the native american culture and this is so romantic and beautiful

    Anna 2016-05-08


    I too love this prayer..... I am also a Cherokee..... I have been blessed with my true soul mate, who was sent to me by our grandfather and grandmother spirits..... We will be wed oct. 25th, 2014.....

    May Mahoney 2014-06-09

  • Cherokee pride rules

    I love this wedding poem. I'm 75% Cherokee and so is my fiancee so this poem means a lot to me i would love to use this for my wedding

    Sarah Chandler 2014-04-21

  • I Like The Prayer

    Hi I am a native american myself. I am a full blooded navajo from New Mexico. I am getting married sometimes when my husband to be comes home from the service. I enjoyed reading the prayer it was so intersting an I even worte it down so when ever I feel lonely r down I can just read it. So it was nice an god bless u all.

    Theresa Frank 2014-01-12

  • Beutifull

    i am cherokee and proud this poam was heart filling i hope who all reads feel same as me

    Marie 2011-10-02

  • cherokee proud i love u gr-grandmother

    my gr-grandmother was proud she is proud shes Cherokee. I may not find our names on the Rolls but it was in gr-grandmothers heart and eyes and she made sure it was known in mine.She took time out just for me when i would visit, She would take her beautiful long white hair down so i could comb it, and talk to me about my heritage. She instilled this pride of who i am in me and even though she passed long ago she is in my heart.And my heritage i wear proud. Thank you for bringing her to me thru your poem.I walk my journey alone now but for a moment you brought us together again Wado Tear-non May your journey always be filled with a breathe from the ancestors

    Tear-non 2010-06-15

  • Cherokee man in whitemans land

    I am Cherokee, but because of my parents not accepting our heritage I have been raised as a white man. I wish to get registered with the cherokee nation, but I don't know how. If you or anyone can help contact me at This prayer gives me hope even if it is meant for a wedded couple, so thank you for sharing. Lonewolf

    John Thomas 2009-03-02

  • it was beautiful

    i rated it a 10 i know what it is like to look for your family as i am also australian aboriginal cherokee and chinese and im am looking for all my family so good luck on lifes journey...cimarron

    cimarron rose annette grace cocks 2008-11-21

  • beautiful

    I am Cherokee and because of adoption I have been a lost soul. My whole life I think deep down inside my soul I always knew now because I have been reunited with my family every thing makes sence and I finally fit somewhere. Thank you for this prayer. I have been like a sponge trying to absorb everything I can about the Cherokee people my heart no longer feels empty.

    Regina White 2008-02-28

  • Cherokee Pride

    Hi , I Am Hope Dorsey Am A Native American . I Am Cherokee And Creek I Am Enrolled In My Creek Side But Yet I Still Am Cherokee . I Love This Prayer And I Hope Others Do To And You Know I Grew Up In The Small Town That We Call Cherokee Territory , Kansas , Oklhoma

    Hope Dorsey 2008-02-26

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