3 Ideas for Gay Wedding Vows

As more states in the United States legalize gay marriage, it has become more common for civil unions and gay marriages to take place. Thus, many of the same practices from traditional heterosexual marriages have been adopted for gay weddings. Many gay weddings have a ceremony and a reception, including a wedding cake and celebrating the couple's union together. Thus, using wedding vows has also become a common practice.

Here are three common vows that can be used for gay (and, of course, straight) weddings. These are just a few general ideas of what you can try for your ceremony. Get creative and come up with more ideas if you think you want to try something that is even more customized for your special celebration of love!

Traditional Vows

Vows considered traditional might include repeating after your officiant or, after they read your vows, saying, "I Do" in agreement with what they espouse.

There are many variations on traditional vows, so talk to your officiant to find what works best for you and what your personal preference are for your wedding day. You may be able to search for traditional vows and readings online to use at your ceremony or find poems that express love and devotion to be recited during your nuptials.

Religious Vows

Depending on your religious practices, a religious officiant may be available to bless legal unions for same-sex couples. This might be a good option for the couple who still likes having a religious element to their ceremony. While the religion may not perform same-sex unions, officiants may still provide a blessing or prayer for the couple.

Again, communicate with your officiant about the religious practices allowed. In some cases, it may be best if another person, such as Justice of the Peace, officiates and the church official is present only to give the blessing to avoid any legal or religious sanctions.

Personalized Vows

Like with other weddings, gay weddings can use personalized vows written by either or both partners. Personalized vows can help you express your love for one another and promise to support and love each other for many years to come. Many people prefer personalized vows, but it is up to each couple to determine what they want to do for their ceremony.

No matter what you choose - be it traditional, religious or personalized vows - remember the focus of your wedding should be on you. Some couples choose not to have vows altogether and that is perfectly fine. Gay weddings can have all the elegance and importance of traditional weddings with the use of vows.


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    Gays and Lesbians are here to stay. God made EVERY living person. Who are you to judge. By the way, learn to spell.

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    Why does it have to be referred to as a "gay" or "straight" wedding. Why can't we just refer to ALL as a marriage, PERIOD!!

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