Getting Unstuck: Beating Writer's Block when Writing Wedding Vows

Writer's block is a common occurrence for a number of people. It might be experienced at work, in personal writing or when coming up with fiction stories. Well-known authors publishing their third novel and students writing their first essays both face it. Writer's block can even plague prospective brides and grooms when they begin writing wedding vows for one another.

Whether or not you write your vows with help from your significant other or decide to surprise each other with your vows, the potential to face writer's block is possible. Here are some ways to beat writer's blog when you are writing wedding vows. These tips can also be applied to any kind of speech writing or creative writing!

Try Free Writing

If you are having trouble with wedding vows, try a free writing exercise. Free writing involves writing in a free-flowing manner without thinking about your grammar, syntax or the structure of your thoughts.

Many people encounter writer's block because of some aversion or fear of writing. A good way to get over the fear is to try free writing about something unrelated to your wedding vows. For example, describing a chair might help you find the motivation you need to begin the writing process.

Getting past that fear through a free writing exercise can be the first step to ending your writer's block and writing some great wedding vows! Test it out for yourself!

Step Away from the Wedding Vows!

A proven way to defeat writer's block is to take a break and come back to the vows later. Any person facing writer's block, regardless if it is writing wedding vows or an essay, can find that taking a break and finding something else to do may help generate fresh ideas.

Some common ways to take a break from writing might include going for a walk or doing chores. However, do not take too long of a break - those vows won't write themselves!

Use Common Wedding Vow Questions

Perhaps you are having trouble writing your wedding vows because you are not sure where to start. Using a pre-set list of questions to get started on wedding vow writing can be very helpful.

Some questions that might help you get started writing wedding vows include: What is it that I love in my significant other? What are some promises I can make to him or her that will have a lasting impact on our relationship?

These questions and others are meant to get you thinking about the answers to them and, ultimately, can lead to better wedding vows. If you have trouble finding questions to help you battle writer's block, think of some of your own or just think about the qualities your future spouse possesses that you like.

Consider Alternatives to Traditional Vows

If writing traditional vows is not your style, consider using a different way to say what you mean. If you are a musician, put your words to a song and play it for your beloved. He or she may like this more than your reading of the vows.

If you prefer to craft a poem, write it and recite it at your wedding. Adding in anecdotes and small stories that show how much you love your significant other might also be a fun way to write your wedding vows.

Whether you plan to take a break, find new ways to present your wedding vows or simply decide to free write to battle the writer's block blues, these suggestions will get you well on your way to writing great wedding vows your spouse is sure to love!

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