Outfit Ideas for Reaffirming Your Vows

It can be exciting to begin the planning process for reaffirming your marriage vows. Couples often like to try things they may not have done for their wedding, such as traveling to an exotic destination or serving they wanted at their reception dinner many years ago. Having the involvement of children can also be a blessing to vow reaffirmation ceremonies.

However, not a lot of thought is often given on the appropriate attire for a vow reaffirmation. It might not seem like a high priority, but is important to consider when planning the ceremony and the celebration that often follows. Here are some tips for both men and women on what to wear the day you reaffirm your vows.


Choose a Tasteful, Mood-Appropriate Dress

If you are recreating your wedding and want to wear the dress you wore when you first said, "I do," go for it! If you are having an intimate beach ceremony or an evening ceremony, however, choosing an appropriate outfit for your setting is key.

Perhaps you still want to wear a white outfit but will pair it with different accessories. It's your vow renewal ceremony, so wear what you think works best for your style and your special occasion.

Pantsuits are Acceptable

If you are the type of woman that does not like skirts or dresses, fear not! You can still wear a nice pantsuit when you reaffirm your vows. In fact, any modest outfit, such as a knee-length dress or tasteful blouse paired with pressed khakis, would be acceptable and would set the appropriate mood. Remember that this is not a wedding - you do not have to dress as fancy or adorn your clothes with embellishments!


Men often can get away with having an easier time planning their outfit than women. Like with the woman's outfit, it is best if you choose something that works for your location. If you plan to travel to an exotic location, a dark wool suit will not work! Choose something that breathes if you are outdoors or wear something casual if you both decide to keep the mood light and airy.

No matter what you wear, your vow reaffirmation ceremony and the reception following are sure to be memorable and have significant meaning for you and your spouse for years to come.

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