Practical Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal showers are among the most exciting pre-wedding events that can surely make a wedding season unforgettable. It's the time when friends of the bride shower her with love and gifts all wrapped up in that awesome memory.

Through the years, there have been many variations of bridal shower themes. Now a number of them are already written in books and articles and the list goes on. Although you can choose anything from those lists, you can choose to be practical so that you can get more out of it and that is especially for the bride.

Think of practical and useful things that the bride will be able to use and cherish in her life. In that way, you can come up with a majestic theme for your bridal shower party for your beloved friend.

Here are some of the practical themes you could use as guidelines for throwing the last party that your friend would celebrate as a single person:

Garden Party

A garden party for a bridal shower theme is not just practical but also natural. Have your friends stay in touch with nature by celebrating the shower in the bride's garden. You can do some meditation or yoga or even tai-chi exercises. Or maybe share the bride's enthusiasm with plants by bringing gifts that are useful in the garden. Just make sure you have made friends with the sky so that you will not end up wet in the rain.

Tea Party

Fill your afternoon of the bride-to-be with a healthy and fun tea party. Tell the girls to dress up with fancy hats and gloves to add more color and fun for the event. You can also serve finger foods to match the refreshing tea. And complete the day with a handful of favors for the bride such as cups, teapots, or other sets.

Cook-fest Shower

If the bride has a passion for cooking, then this theme is the one for her. Gather all your good friends for a cook-fest in honor of the bride. Bring in some recipe cards which you can use in the party. You can even use them as favors for the bride. And don't forget to also bring useful gifts for the bride's kitchen too.

Room of the House

Well this is probably the most useful of all the themes you might come up with. In this theme, assign any guest to bring a gift that can be used in a specific room in the house such as the living room, the rest room, and even in the bed room. To top it off, you can share some good laughter with the girls or with the in a homey atmosphere in the fireplace or in an airy place in the house while enjoying some favorite foods of the bride.

Lingerie/Pajama party

A sensual atmosphere for the bride can hype her up for her upcoming honeymoon. Set the mood by having the peers wear their cutest pajamas and light up scented candles to go with your gifts of lingerie. You can also paint the night with pink by enjoying manicures, pedicures, facials and massages with the girls to fill the night with laughter.

Favorite Memories

Never underestimate the usefulness of a happy and good memory. Treat the bride with a shower of favorite memories with your friendship or with her husband-to-be. Have the guests prepare a cool scrapbook full of pictures and relevant writings. Along with it you can include some things that have sentimental value on the bride. To top it off, host a group sharing with the bride and friends and talk about those happy memories or perhaps important lessons learned in life or you can even include advices for her married life.

Month of the Year

If you want to go all-time practical with your friend, why not try having your bridal party year long? Have each guest give the bride a suitable gift for a particular month, perhaps a pair of sweaters for December or a bikini set for June.

Blessed is the bride who has a friend who gives so much thought into her Bridal Shower Party or even thinks of throwing one for her. If you are that kind of friend, you are indeed a rare find, a breathe of fresh air in a decaying society.

As Khalil Gibran quaintly puts it, "And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."

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  • good ideas

    i like some of them but not the one that says month of the year cause i would not want to have one every month of the year sorrry about that but the rest are good idea and i dont know if i want to do that or not i just dont know but good idea i probably would not be able to come up with those ideas that you did. so thanks for giving me some ideas

    jennifer tilker 2013-07-31

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